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Raw Arabica Coffee Beans, clean, sound and new. Grown in the rich volcanic soil of the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, sourced predominately from the Kawkaw Mountain catchment area from small holders, block holders and plantations. Hand picked, dried, processed and ready for roasting. Various grades are subject to availability. Please feel free to request a free sample. 

Arabica Green Bean

  • We produce varying grades of Arabica coffee however in particular we specialise in AX and Y grade with smaller volumes of PB. PNG exports almost all (99.9%) of the coffee it produces in green bean; only 1% is exported in roast and ground form. Major export grades continue to be Y-grade 52%, followed by Premium Smallholder Coffee (PSC) grade at 18%, X-grade 12% and A-grade 8% (approximately). 

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